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english final [08 Mar 2007|01:19pm]
[ mood | determined ]

hey everyone!

So I am taking a break from finals studying. Oh man. I had my english final this morning. It was a beast! I usually get done with my finals in an hour and a half out of two hours. But this time I finished in just in time. The questions about the books were so picky and random. Then we had literary terms which was easy. Grammar was easy. Sentence combining was easy. Impromptu was easy as well. Just the multiple choice was really difficult. I think I did okay though. I have chem tomorrow. oy. I feel that I am ready. So wish me luck. :)

We have winter formal this weekend. its really funny because its warming up and becoming spring. haha. But oh well. I am excited. I am going to Alli's for pictures and then going to Shogun, which is a Japanese resturant, with samantha. It should be funn!!

I have the afternoon off so I.M me on MSN or AIM. :)


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[21 Jan 2007|02:22pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

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